Esoteric Numerology


Helping Yourself with Esoteric Numerology

Have You Ever Wondered Why You Did Something You Did?… Or Why You Said Something You Said? We All Have At One Time Or Another…

Esoteric Numerology Has The Answers For You!


Esoteric Numerology


Written by a Doctor Of  Metaphysics—TarotMeister, CTM, MsD—this ebook can teach you the steps to working out your own Numeroscope and better understanding who you are and why!

Let’s take a peek at what’s inside…

Working Out The Numbers

Working Out The Chart

The First Vowel in Your Name

The Soul Number

The Personality Number

The Destiny Number

The Birth Number

The Future Goal Number

The Personal Trait Number

The Karmic Lessons Number/s

The Pinnacle Numbers

The Challenge Numbers

Personal Years, Months and Days

Your Personal Year

Your Personal Month

Your Personal Day

And much more!


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