Practical Mind-Reading


Only a few years ago the general public was in almost total ignorance of the great truth of Thought Transference, Thought Projection, Telepathy, or Mind Reading. It is true that here and there were to be found a few scientists earnestly investigating and eagerly uncovering the hidden truths concerning the subjects. But the mass of the people were either entirely ignorant of the subject, or else were intensely skeptical of anything concerning the matter, laughing to scorn the daring thinker who ventured to express his interest or belief in this great scientific phenomena.

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On all hands we hear of the wonders of Thought Transference, or Telepathy, as it is called. Scientific men write and teach of its fascinating manifestations, and even the general public has heard much of the new science and believes more or less in it, according to the degree of intelligence and knowledge concerning the subject possessed by the individual.

Listen to these words from the lips of some of the greatest scientists of the day. Prof. William James, the eminent instructor at Harvard University, says: “When from our present advanced standpoint we look back upon the past stages of human thought, whether
it be scientific thought or theological thought, we are amazed that a universe which appears to us of so vast and mysterious a complication should ever have seemed to anyone so little and plain a thing. Whether it be Descartes’ world or Newton’s; whether it be that of the Materialists of the last century, or that of the Bridgewater treatises of our own, it is always the same to us— incredibly perspectiveless and short. Even Lyell’s, Faraday’s, Mill’s and Darwin’s consciousness of their respective subjects are already beginning to put on an infantile and innocent look.”

These remarks are doubly significant by reason of their having been made by Prof. James as the president of the “Society for Psychical Research.”


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